The 2014 - 2015 President of the GMU. Formerly PR and Vice-President. Original founder of the Checkpoint event and other educational events and initiatives. A New Media and Media Production Masters student with a love of art, teaching, and interactive narrative. You can see more of his work at

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The new 2015 – 2016 GMU Executive Team

Hello GMU members, As the outgoing President of the GMU and Chief Returning Officer for this year’s elections, I, Jordan Sparks, would like to announce the election results for your new 2015 – 2016 executive team. President (Producer): Matthew Holzapfel Director: Thomas Marmer Executive of Programming: Liam Clarke Executive of Marketing: Orelle Fitoussi Treasurer: Calvin…

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Unreal Engine is now free!

Unreal Engine used to be a paid game engine which many professional game developers used for countless projects. I’m happy to report that recently, Epic Games has made Unreal Engine free for all, just like Unity3D. For more information to see if it’s good for your game project, check out the Unreal Engine website. It…

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GMU Elections – Roles

Elections for next year’s GMU executive team will be on March 17th. All roles are open for nomination. Here are the responsibilities of each role. Additionally, those in these positions are bound by the constitution of the club unless it is voted to change. If you are interested in running the club next year, please…

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GMU Elections & Level Up

Hello GMU members, Our General Members Meeting is fast approaching on March 17th. It is also the day we will hold our Executive Elections for the 2015 – 2016 year. Most of the current executive team will not be returning and all roles will be open for nomination. If you’re interested in running for a…

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End of Semester Party

On November 26, we held our last meeting of the year in the form of an end of semester party. We’ve had an excellent semester and wanted to celebrate our club and our accomplishments. We had food, awards for developing projects, and plenty of board games and Smash Bros. We hope to see everyone again…

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Meeting Notes – Oct 22

This week was out General Members meeting where we discussed, debated, and ratified the club constitution, which we highly recommend all members look over, as well as discussed member’s questions and concerns. The GMU constitution goes over the rules that applies to all members and executives, as well as club policies and regulations. We also…

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