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Cube Rollers Deluxe Mechanic

— View full post to the play the game — Game Mechanics: This is a puzzle game played by flipping a painted cube around a series rooms composed of small amount of tiles. Unpainted surfaces become painted upon contact, but the reverse is also true on next contact, thus creating a basic toggle mechanic. To make the puzzles more interesting, one…

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Circular Tetris

— View full post to the play the game — This is an implementation of Circle Tetris we all designed two weeks ago, and I finished implementing this week. It took a party of friends coming to my apartment to motivate completion. It does pretty much everything Tetris should except have Tetrominoes themselves, that is…

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Builder Bros – TOJam9

Summary: I led a 48 hour game jam with a team consisting of two others.  Also I helped brainstorm, and brought together 13 people for the event. It was a very rewarding experience. Out of it, my team built Builder Bros., and others built: The Girl and Her Teddy Bears, Boulder Dash (an Orbit Engine derivative work),…

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Maze Generation mechanic

Generate a basic maze that sporadically grows spawning one main path with multiple branches. This was inspired by Ludum Dare, which holds a variety of concurrent game jam competition types. LD edition 27 was held this weekend, August 23-26, and includes both solo and team jams. Over 2000 games were submitted worldwide this time, a few…

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Grav Proj

Disables built in physics, makes an interesting jumping mechanic with gravity attraction, which spins the world around. The character block is attracted to the nearest planet block. An interesting effect happens when staying close to the corner edge.   The git repo …

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Jam Sushi Buffet

Make sushi and eat sushi, who can win? There’s an initial set of 3 so the sumo can gain a lead. Credit: Victor Nguyen – game concept, coding Ian Nastajus – art sourcing, play testing, coding The code is available here on the GitHub repository…

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