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Challenge 5: Blender Basic Bot 3D

It is finally Friday so TGIF everyone 😁! I managed to finish a blender tutorial in time this time lol. Anyway as usual here is my work posted on github from doing the Wednesday challenge #5: This time I did not take any resources from the internet other than following the initial tutorials I posted last…

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Challenge 2: Star Field 3D

Once again its an awesome Friday 😀 so I am uploading what I worked on from Wednesday’s challenge. I was not able to make a space ship because I suck at art 😐… but you can still move around with arrow keys and press spacebar for hyper speed. Unity’s 3D world and trail rendering system made this challenge…

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Challenge 1: Smooth Camera 2D

Here it is the result of Wednesday’s tutorial. I was able to get a smooth camera, and have a parallaxing background script that can be used for any size background. I did however, ran into smooth movement issues with the player since moving the rigidbody made the animation jaggy. Anyway I was able to fix…

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