Workshop Series – Gameplay Design

Hey GMU! Thank you to everyone who showed up to last week’s Sprite Design workshop. We had a great turn out and people made lots of interesting sprite designs! I hope everyone learned something. This week marks the last in our groundbreaking 3-Week Workshop Series with Gameplay Design, taught by GMU’s enigmatic Dante Camarena. He…

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Workshop Series – Character Design Workshop

Hello GMU! This week marks the beginning of our intensive 3-Week Game Design Workshop series which will be happening at varying locations every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm! First, we’ll be delving into the fundamentals of Character Design this week with professional freelance artist Danik Tomyn. The week after that, we will build on the previous workshop…

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Make your own Web/Mobile game workshop.

Last week, GMU Ran a game development workshop that used the Stencyl IDE. Below are a few samples from the games made that night. While they are not complete, they show some basic principles and are a great stepping stone to independent development. I believe they mostly use the arrow keys to move, and some…

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Checkpoint video

Last month, we organized Checkpoint, a conference that brought the game industry to Ryerson. I’m happy to say that for those who missed it or want to re-experience the awesomeness again, it is now up on the GMU Youtube Channel. It’s 3 hours long, but if you have the time, feel free to check it out!

Also, for those unfamiliar with us or have never been to a GMU meeting, here’s a fun preview. 🙂

Intro to Autodesk Maya Tutorial

Hey GMU! I’ll be teaching an Intro to Autodesk Maya Tutorial this Monday for our weekly meeting! For those who don’t know, Autodesk Maya is a powerful industry standard 3D modeling and animation software. It’s well known for its use in the film industry for its robust animation capabilities, but it’s also used a lot…

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Game Design 101

Hey GMU! This week, I presented Game Design 101, a workshop explaining game design fundamentals that any developer should know and consider. I highly enjoyed it and I hope people enjoyed and learned a lot from it. For people who unfortunately couldn’t attend or people who want to look over what I presented again, I’ve…

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Blender Modeling workshop and more!

Monday 15 in SCC310 at 6pm – 9pm we’ll have our first basic artistic skills workshop — great for making games. Invite your friends! We’ll split into small groups again, which was very successful last time. We’ll show the very basics and more of modeling in Blender, needed to make basics for games. We’ll teach…

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Just found a great resourse: Webseries about games!

Recently I have learned of the webseries called `Extra Credits`. It is a informational/entertaing web series about gaming, with plenty of topics to choose from. In five seasons so far, I’ve seen just from the episode names that they cover things from design, to issues in the industry, and what developers and doing wrong, what…

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