Challenge 2: Star Field 3D

Once again its an awesome Friday 😀 so I am uploading what I worked on from Wednesday’s challenge. I was not able to make a space ship because I suck at art 😐… but you can still move around with arrow keys and press spacebar for hyper speed. Unity’s 3D world and trail rendering system made this challenge pretty easy so I did not comment the code too much. If you didn’t try the challenge but are still interested in learning unity I think it would be a good exercise to try and understand the code without comments. The math required to make a starfield in processing is a bit more complicated than what I did in unity so if you guys want, comment down below and I can try explaining it on paper. Also, feel free to comment anything you worked on in Unity or any experiences you have had with this challenge.

Here is the link to the github where I posted the unity project:

If you are new to github and don’t know how to download from repository, here is a quick tutorial:

Also, feel free to join me online or in GMU meeting on Wednesday in

ENG 203 for next weeks tutorial, and have a great weekend 😁!


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