Challenge 3: Basic Fractal Tree 3D

Hello. I finally finished last, last Wednesday’s challenge.
This one is going to need a lot of commenting, so don’t stress if it isnt readable. I personally think I could have done a better job of explaining the code or fixing the small physics glitch with the seed but I only had 1 day to remake the game since my unity files got corrupted yesterday. Nevertheless, hopefully you guys were not intimidated and tried to do this on your own. Remember if you have any questions on this, or any of the previous challenges, comment below or on our facebook page:

Finally, here is the link to my game on github:

If you are new to github and don’t know how to download from repository, here is a quick tutorial:

All images and music were taken from sources labeled for reuse. Here are the links:
Image, lowPolyTexture1:…:

Music, Almost in F by Kevin Macload:…

Also I would like to thank Winston King on youtube for helping me find Kevin Macload’s song and download link.

Last but not least, comment down below what you guys thought of this challenge and have a great weekend! 😁

One thought on “Challenge 3: Basic Fractal Tree 3D

  1. Good job, great on you for putting the attribution directly in the GUI of the challenge game for a little bit right when it starts. I downloaded it, works great. It’s smooth & straightforward. Anyone having difficulty downloading from GitHub, speak up, cuz there’s a trick to accessing content on GitHub, and there’s help here!

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