Challenge 4: Blender Buildings 3D

It took way longer than I expected but I finally managed to finish 7 buildings. My biggest challenge was finishing this last minute because I was arrogant and thought it would take 20 x 7 = 140 minutes to finish everything but it actually took 5 hours because some weird stuff didn’t look the way I wanted it to look. Anyway, all textures were downloaded for free from on my none-premium account. You can download the blender files for the buildings on my github:

If you are new to github here is a quick tutorial to help you download the files:

I also did some research about exporting a city based particle effect into unity and I found that it won’t work because unity and blender use separate solutions for their respective particle systems, you can find more information on the link below:…/baking-a-particle-syste….

Comment below or on our Facebook group: Game Makers Union to share your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions on this weeks challenge and feel free to share anything you’ve worked on down below. Last but not least, have a great weekend 🙃,

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