Challenge 5: Blender Basic Bot 3D

It is finally Friday so TGIF everyone 😁! I managed to finish a blender tutorial in time this time lol. Anyway as usual here is my work posted on github from doing the Wednesday challenge #5: This time I did not take any resources from the internet other than following the initial tutorials I posted last last Wednesday.

Here is a tutorial on how to download a file from github in case you need a refresher:

Be warned guys I am not the best animator but feel free to share your opinion in the comments below or on our facebook group Game Makers Union. I am looking forward to your feedback since it might help me become a better game designer and animator in the long run. Also, remember to sign up for the club on Wednesday September 6th so we can do cool stuff like this in real life. I don’t think I will be doing any more Wednesday challenges until GMU officially starts so this is the last challenge for this summer. See you guys on club day and in GMU, and have a great weekend!!!

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