Challenge 6: Green Means Go! 3D

Hey guys here is the game I have made after following these tutorials:

The goal is to reach the transparent-ish green cube.  You can move with the arrow keys, and jump with space.  You will die and respawn if you touch an enemy (in red) or if you move when the ground is red.  I was inspired by the tutorials of course, and my little cousin that was playing redlight-greenlight with his friends while I was making this game.   I was also able to put my BasicBot3D from last summer in this game.  Unfortunately, I only ended up making one level since the tutorial ended up being 5 hours long instead of 2 hours.  However, I did add code to move on to new levels as more scenes are added to the game.  If you guys want to add more levels or use any of the assets, here is the link to the github:

Although I already knew most of the stuff being shown in these tutorials, I ended up learning some really neat tricks like using the “OnGUI” function, stylizing the game with multiple directional lights, messing with rendering settings, and pressing V to auto clip vertices. That last one was under my nose the whole time but I have never used it until this game! I think even some executive members of the club can appreciate some of these tricks so the tutorial is defiantly worth watching.

For the next challenge I will be posting another tutorial on Wednesday in our Facebook page here:  You can get to know us or post any questions you have on this website or on facebook.  See you in the next one 😀

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