As voted through October 22, 2014.

I. Name of Organization

The Game Maker’s Union (or GMU)

II. Mission Statement

The Game Maker’s Union seeks to assist current and prospective members in the creation and production of games, be they video games, board games, interactive applications, interactive stories or other. GMU also seeks to connect members with each other as well as Toronto’s game making community in order to assist members in the production of their own personal game projects. And finally GMU seeks to both teach members as well as learn more about the game development process while creating a community of open-minded, inclusive, and respectful individuals.

III. Relationship to the Ryerson Student’s Union (RSU)

  • The RSU will not normally interfere in the activities and operations of the organization. It does, however, have the power to investigate complaints made by any member of the organization concerning alleged violations of this constitution.
  • The Game Maker’s Union will abide by RSU policies where it is required to do so.
  • The Game Maker’s Union receives annual funding from the RSU. The executives are to ensure that this funding meets its purpose.

IV. Membership

  • Membership is open to all RSU members (full-time students registered in a degree program at Ryerson). RSU members are not charged any fees or levies.
  • Non-RSU members who are part of the game development community – specifically industry professionals and independent game developers – are bound by all RSU policies and the executive team is responsible for any transgression of said policies.
  • No non-RSU member may hold executive office
  • No faculty or staff may be a voting member
  • Should a member exhibit behaviours that do not comply with GMU’s goal to create a community of open-minded, inclusive, and respectful individuals and their actions result in harming other members in any way, said member will be told to desist by a member of the executive team. If s/he continues to display such behaviours, the executive team has a right to terminate his/her membership for the safety and well-being of the other members. This is a serious decision to be made by careful consideration of the executive team for serious and repeat offences.

V. Structure

  • Executive officers will be elected annually and are responsible to the membership of the organization
  • The Executive positions are as listed
    • Director
    • Producer
    • Executive of Programming
    • Head of Marketing
    • Accountant

VI. Meetings

  • Development meetings will be held weekly and consist with the development of either a group project or individual member projects
  • Executive-only administration meetings will be held once a month
  • General Members Meetings will be held once a semester
    • Two weeks’ notice will be given for a General Members Meeting in the form of posters, email newsletters, and classified ads posted in the Eyeopener.
    • 50% of the membership will form quorum
    • Members must be present at the Meeting in order to vote on an issue.

VII. Role of Executives

  • Producer
    • S/he will delegate tasks and oversees administrative duties
    • S/he will chair all General Member Meetings and Executive meetings
    • S/he is also tasked with communicating GMU needs with the RSU including but not limited to room bookings, equipment rental, etc.
    • The Producer runs weekly GMU development meetings if the Director is absent.
  •  Director
    • The Director runs the weekly GMU development meetings
    • S/he makes sure that all members attending development meetings are able to participate using their core strengths
    • S/he is also tasked with communicating with Ryerson’s Computer Science department
  • Executive of Programming
    • The Executive of Programming is tasked with helping GMU members to advance their programming skills should they so wish and become more comfortable in the problem solving involved with game development
    • S/he is also in charge of determining the software and/or hardware needs for GMU and advising the rest of the group.
  • Head of Marketing
    • The Head of Marketing is in charge of making the that the GMU website, is up to date
    • S/he also sends out GMU’s monthly newsletters and is in charge of advertising all GMU events
  • Accountant
    • The Accountant is in charge of filing all GMU expenses with the RSU as well as maintaining the group’s budget
    • S/he will inform other members of the Executive team how to best spend group funding as well as keeping the costs to a minimum

VIII. Executive Vacancy

  • Should an executive position become vacant for any reason in the middle of a term, the remaining executives may, by majority vote, appoint someone from within the GMU membership to fill the vacancy

IX. Committees

  • In addition to the executive team, GMU will also have an Events Committee composed of select GMU executives as well as member volunteers that plan GMU events.
  • The Events Committee is in charge of making sure that events like Checkpoint are well organized and successful.

X. Elections

  • As an RSU sponsored group, GMU is required to conduct a general election open to all members once every academic year.
  • Executive members must be elected by the membership at large.
  • Elections must take place by the last Friday in March.

XI. Election Procedures

  • Information regarding an election will be given to members four weeks before the election is to be held. This information will include the election date, opening of nominations, and how the election will work.
  • A person may nominate him/herself but his/her nomination must be seconded by another member.
  • Nominations will be accepted up until midnight the night before the election.
  • The outgoing executives who are not running for the election again are responsible for collecting nominations and counting ballots once the members have voted.

XII. Removal from Office

  • An executive may be impeached through introducing evidence of any of the following:
    • The executive does not fulfill his/her duties
    • The executive fails to uphold the GMU rules
    • The majority of the members in the club file complaints about the executive
  • Note that this is a serious matter and an executive should only be impeached for serious reasons
  • A petition must be signed by at least 25% of the membership in order to request a General Meeting be held to discuss and vote on the impeachment.

XIII. Amendments

  • Members will be given two weeks’ notice regarding the proposal to amend the constitution.
  • Amendments require a two-thirds majority vote in order to be passed.
  • This must be done at a General Members Meeting.

XIV. Adoption of the Constitution

  • The constitution must be approved by the RSU.
  • A majority of the members in attendance at a legally constituted General Member’s Meeting must vote to adopt the constitution in order for it to be in effect.

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