This week we decided to do something completely different and make a card game instead of a video game. The idea for the game came from Zack Harris who’d commented as a joke that he wanted a game where you have cards called Diss-Cards so you can discard your Diss-Cards. Based off this idea we created a game wherein you get to insult your friends.

Each player receives five Diss Cards. The player that goes first rolls a die then counts the other players clockwise around the circle starting with the person beside him or her. The player that corresponds with the die roll is the match opponent. The rest of the players are tasked with judging the match. Player 1 then draws a setting card and reads it aloud. He or she then chooses an insult out of his or her hand and passionately directs it towards the opponent, then draws another Diss-Card. The first insult is free but subsequent insults are judged. The opponent then counters with an insult of their own. The judges then decide if the counter is a “Burn” or is “Lame”. If the insult is a “Burn” the match continues and Player 1 counters with another insult. The match ends when a majority of judges vote that an insult is “Lame” resulting in the losing play rustling one of their jimmies. The game then moves to the next player and another match is started.

The game continues until all but one player have rustled all three of their jimmies. Players with rustled jimmies are no longer allowed to participate in matches but are able to judge matches. The rest of the rules are in the zip file below with our first batch of test cards.


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