Fall 2015 Schedule

Fall 2015 Meeting Schedule

Welcome to a new semester of GMU!

Meetings will be held on Mondays from 6 – 10pm and will run every week except for reading week. Meetings have been planned out according to the following schedule:

September 14 – Orientation Day

September 21 – Unity Tutorial

September 28 – Dev Night

October 5 – Dev Night / Mechanic

October 12 – Reading Week Day Off

October 19 – Dev Night

October 26 – Dev Night  / Mechanic

November 2 – Dev Night

November 9 – Tutorial

November 16 – Dev Night

November 23 – Mechanic

November 30 – Dev Night

December 7 – End of Semester Party

We look forward to seeing you!

2 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Schedule

  1. Niki

    Hey, so I’m in media production and this really intrigues me because I love video games but there are so little courses that delve into game design. I’m v interested in joining, but I have very little knowledge in coding (HTML, that’s pretty much it). Was just curious if what you guys do might be too advanced for me? I want to learn the basics but I’d have to start from the very bottom. Lemme know. Cheers!

    • Orelle Fitoussi

      Hi Niki!
      You’re more than welcome to join. We usually start the semester with some beginner topics and leave “developer nights” for the more advanced coders and for anyone working on/needing help with a project (all skill levels are welcome). Our club aims to foster more interest in game development and the many facets of game developing (whether it be level design, artistry, coding, music, producing, etc. or a mix of many!). Be sure to stop by on Campus Groups Day & visit our booth, and our first meeting of the winter 2016 semester will be on Tuesday Jan. 26th, 6pm @ ENG 205. Hope to see you there!


      Orelle Fitoussi
      Head of Marketing
      Game Makers Union

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