Game Jam! Monday 17!

Alright guys, so next week we are going to have a “game jam”!  We are going to form teams of around four people led by an executive experienced in Unity3d to design a game in a few hours. Don’t worry, the executive will be there help the team complete the game. We will reveal a theme when we start, like a real game design competition.

Here’s just a few points on the next meeting. A few things to remember (remembering this stuff is optional… You can just show up):

  • When: The next meeting is on Monday, Sept 17th at 6pm->~9pm
  • Where:  SCC (Student Campus Center) Room 310 (It’s the bigger room right beside 309, the small room we used)
  • What: Next week is the ‘pretend’ game jam
  • Who: You
  • How: Collaborate, learn, ask…. Etc.
  • Why: Because it will make you a better coder, collaborator, thinker, and person. Or, at the very least, you’ll have tons of fun.

What else you ask?: Bring your friends (coders and artists and whoever else), so they can share this amazing experience!

Other stuff:
There will be pizza and refreshments.
We will provide power bars for electricity
Please download and install Unity3d before you arrive
There will be a time limit of 2.5 hours.

If you do not have a laptop, that is ok
If you do not have coding skills or any skills, that is ok
If you are intimidated, that is ok

If you’re here to code, we’re here to collaborate
If you’re here to learn, we’re here to teach
If you’re here to ask, we’re here to help

Zack, Ian, Victor and the rest

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