Great Canadian Appathon


The Great Canadian Appathon is back! The game design competition is hosted by a company local to Toronto, XMG.  This is their 3rd time. For those who don’t know, this a 48 hour competition for post-secondary  students.  Two years ago 70 groups participated, this year it’s expected there will likely be more. In this Digital Media Zone article, we competed last year. Present was GMU President Victor Nguyen, Vice President Gregory Kon, Lead Creative Director Oles Tourko, and Alex Alksne. Victor shares his experience.   “It was fun. We developed our idea by brainstorming on their white board walls.  We had a limitless supply of energy drinks.  It was an excellent learning experience, and you got to network with many students from other schools that shared similar interests.” This year we’re amped to go again.  And we’d love to see more teams compete this time! The top prize is $25,000. This is complemented by an additional $25,000 in publishing costs the company is willing to cover. There’s 2nd place and 3rd place prizes. There’s Xbox prizes for best of each of graphics, complexity, sound, and many other categories. Check out their prizes section. And that’s why we’re doing the “Game Jam” this Monday 17th. This will give a taste of what it’s really like; the fun and the pressure of making a game with a time limit, but on a smaller scale. It’s competitions like this which motivate us, the team leaders to prepare workshops for you. We want to teach members to be succesful in game development. The tools we want to teach are the game engine Unity3d, the 3D modeling software Blender, and more. We really want this club to continue to thrive and especially to expand this year. And this is where you come in.  We would really really appreciate and be eager to read your input. What do you want our club to do? Please leave replies in the comment section below — just like every YouTube video 😀 Do you have ideas what topics you would like us to teach? Let us know! Do you know any artists that would be interseted in leveling up their portfolio? Let us know! How can we help? Let us know!!!

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