GMU Elections – Roles

Elections for next year’s GMU executive team will be on March 17th. All roles are open for nomination. Here are the responsibilities of each role. Additionally, those in these positions are bound by the constitution of the club unless it is voted to change. If you are interested in running the club next year, please let us know.

  • Producer/President
    • S/he will delegate tasks and oversees administrative duties
    • S/he will chair all General Member Meetings and Executive meetings
    • S/he is also tasked with communicating GMU needs with the RSU including but not limited to room bookings, equipment rental, etc.
    • The Producer runs weekly GMU development meetings if the Director is absent.
  •  Director
    • The Director runs the weekly GMU development meetings
    • S/he makes sure that all members attending development meetings are able to participate using their core strengths
    • S/he is also tasked with communicating with Ryerson’s Computer Science department
  • Executive of Programming
    • The Executive of Programming is tasked with helping GMU members to advance their programming skills should they so wish and become more comfortable in the problem solving involved with game development
    • S/he is also in charge of determining the software and/or hardware needs for GMU and advising the rest of the group.
  • Head of Marketing
    • The Head of Marketing is in charge of making the that the GMU website, is up to date
    • S/he also sends out GMU’s monthly newsletters and is in charge of advertising all GMU events
  • Accountant
    • The Accountant is in charge of filing all GMU expenses with the RSU as well as maintaining the group’s budget
    • S/he will inform other members of the Executive team how to best spend group funding as well as keeping the costs to a minimum

About Jordan Sparks

The 2014 - 2015 President of the GMU. Formerly PR and Vice-President. Original founder of the Checkpoint event and other educational events and initiatives. A New Media and Media Production Masters student with a love of art, teaching, and interactive narrative. You can see more of his work at

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