Grid Mechanic

Players 1-4 use controller D-Pad, Player 5 shares a controller with one of the other players

This week we decided to focus on sprites and create a grid to move them around in. We split into teams this week: artists and coders. The coders focused on creating a working grid while the artists took to the whiteboard to create 5 characters which were then photographed and redrawn in Photoshop and Illustrator before being placed into the grid.

Because you can only have 4 controllers connected in Unity, the fifth player shares a controller with another player. We had a lot of fun testing our sprites by playing a game of try to block the unicorn .



Edit: This grid code was the precursor to our Puzzle-Making night here a few weeks later.

The code is available here on the GitHub repository.git_sml Feel free to download, experiment with making changes, learning how it works. And we’d love to see what you come up with.

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