Maze Generation mechanic

Generate a basic maze that sporadically grows spawning one main path with multiple branches.

This was inspired by Ludum Dare, which holds a variety of concurrent game jam competition types. LD edition 27 was held this weekend, August 23-26, and includes both solo and team jams. Over 2000 games were submitted worldwide this time, a few samples can be seen here. The theme this time was “10 seconds”, which was the inspiration for the map generator.  Our group of jammers, organized and brought together into teams by Alex Alksne, struggled with the constraints of the theme. Many people elected to use a kind of time-dilation game concept, since they found the idea of game taking 10 seconds being too restrictive.

The inspiration for this particular maze generator was that you would proceed hastily through it, zipping at fast enough speeds to enter and exit each side within 10 seconds. This would have been a twitch reflex game. Zack inspired the concept through brainstorming, and Vadim expressed a simple algorithm to procedurally generate dynamic mazes with guaranteed exit points. This is a fine example of teamwork inspiring a game mechanic.


  • Ian I began implementing this myself
  • Vadim Farafontov gave the inspiration
  • Zack Harris helped finish debugging what I started

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