Rhythm Mechanic

Player 1: ASD, Player 2: JKL

As an experiment over the summer, the GMU exec team has decided that rather than continue to work on separate pieces of a large game project like Hasty Sketch, we’d focus on a new game mechanic every week. This game jam style mentality will hopefully give each of our members a chance to learn new skills as we intend to develop the mechanics on a single computer by taking turns in the driver’s seat. This means that coders will help with art asset creation and artists will help with coding. Each meeting we intend on spending the first half hour brainstorming, followed by asset creation, then coding. This week we built a rhythm mechanic. It is coded to work in both web and on touchscreen phones, although the current build is for web only. Gameplay is similar to Guitar Hero in that you press a key or button to hit a note as it passes the trigger line. Failure to correctly hit the note on time results in a loss of points.

The code is available here on the GitHub repository.git_sml Feel free to download and adapt this another music track and submit to us. Note the timing were generated by a separate script execution.

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