Space Puppies Mechanics

Mouse to move, Click to shoot.

Generally built on a whim of a weird idea, the type of mechanics that we develop here at GMU swill sometimes seem to be Hacked together from a variety of places. This particular mechanic is a perfect example of that. The concept emerged from an idea of a 2D shooter where you had to shoot aliens and not puppies. An iteration was built on top of that considered adding a third dimension to the experience. The group decided to take turns modelling the ship. Robin came by and created big ships to add to the landscape of puppy-space. Then Finally, the weird looking movement and laser scripts add an extra quirk. The result is what you see above. Overall a lot of learning… and puppies.


  • As a team, the entire club each took turns together building the ship, each of us learning then immediately applying a skill, all directed by Jordan Sparks
  • Shravya drew the cute puppies in Illustrator, at the instruction of Morgan.
  • Morgan drew the cute aliens.
  • Jabir coded the enemy movement script.
  • Matthew designed the level layout, positioning the aliens and puppies.
  • Ian helped with basic planning for movement, and the score overlay.
  • Zack did final implementation of movement and the entire laser, Dante assisted debugging.
  • Daniel Korn composed the music score.

The code is available here on the GitHub repository.git_sml  Feel free to download, look at and modify the source code!

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