Winter 2015 Schedule

GMUDatesWelcome back everyone. We hope you all had a fun and relaxing break and are ready to get back to it. The GMU admin team has lined up some exciting events and meetings for this semester and we can’t wait to share them with you. This semester we will once again be meeting every week in ENG 201 from 6-10, however we are meeting on Tuesdays.

Dev Nights

Development Nights, or Dev Nights, are standard GMU meetings where we get together and work on our own projects. These can be done individually or in teams. This is the perfect opportunity to get help with debugging, ask questions about asset creation, and run your ideas past your fellow developers. It’s also a great opportunity to get involved helping other members create a project. Don’t worry if you don’t have a project started yet or aren’t familiar with all of the different aspects of game development, chances are there will be a few members looking for people to join their team.

Maya Tutorial – January 15

Jordan Sparks, our producer will be running a 3D modelling workshop using the program Maya from Autodesk. If you’ve ever been curious how 3D assets are created or wanted to include them into a game/project you’re working on, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to do so.

Motion Mechanic – January 29

During mechanic meetings, we get together as a team and everyone works to create one or two game mechanics together in a couple hours. We tend to divide the group into coders, level designers, and artists. For this mechanic we will be working with the Leap Motion to create a mechanic or game component that uses the players motions as input. Specific gameplay is generally decided in meeting during a brief brainstorming session.

Shader Tutorial – February 10

Shaders are advanced pieces of code that allow the coder to control how models and textures look in a game. All lighting effects and shading for models are done through shaders and most often involve math. Zack Harris will be running a workshop to teach members how to make their own shaders.

VR Mechanic – February 24

For this mechanic meeting we will again be working together to create one or two mechanics, this time with a focus on virtual reality. Specific gameplay will once again be decided during a brief brainstorming session at the beginning of the meeting.

General Members Meeting – March 17

With the end to another school year, GMU will be losing a number of admin members who are graduating this year. We will be hosting a General Members Meeting to run elections and elect new admin members to fill their positions for next year. Open positions and nomination details will be released closer to the date of the meeting.

Checkpoint – March 24 – Location TBD

Checkpoint is an annual event at GMU where we bring in industry professionals to share with us their experiences working in the gaming industry. These professionals answer your questions and offer advice to members interested in either working in the industry, or continuing to make games as a hobby.

GMU Showcase – March 31 – Location TBD

New this year, GMU is planning an arcade style showcase where members can display projects they’ve been working on to other members. This is an excellent opportunity to have your projects play-tested and show off your developing skills. Members interested in submitting a project should email the name of their project and a short description to no later than March 26th. We saw some great looking projects at our Christmas party and we hope to see more at our showcase.

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