Unity 101 Workshop

On Monday 24th we will have our first workshop on Unity.  We will break up into 4 different teams learning common Unity3d skills. All four leaders will start with the basics and then break off into specific branches focusing on different aspects of unity. The new formations will be based on people’s interests.
The goal is for us to give you the skills necessary to get started in game development. As always, we will provide power bars for laptops. It would be most beneficial if you can bring your own laptop. However, working in pairs on a single laptop can also be an excellent learning process.
A few things to remember:

  • When: The next meeting is on Monday, Sept 24th at 6pm ->  ~9pm
  • Where:  SCC(Student Campus Center) Room 310 here
  • What: Unity workshop
  • Extra Info: Bring your friends (coders and artists and whoever else.) They are welcomed and encouraged to join the club at any time. We will help them get involved.
  • If you show up on time, there will be less to catch up with.
  • Come with Unity3d installed on your laptop if you have one. Also, if you are bringing your friends to be new members, try and help them to get unity installed on their machines.

Great job at the Game Jam Monday everyone! We’ve went ahead and posted the games on the website. If you haven’t checked the site out, bookmark it! The link the games page is here: http://gator5.hostgator.com/~gmunion/category/games/

Also, check out the rest of the website, and our Facebook group as well. We will be adding a forum section to the website in the near future to enable discussion, and for you to promote your projects within our group, among other things.

Lastly, the Great Canadian Appathon is upon us! If you have an interest in participating in this game design competition weekend, please use our Facebook group to form teams. http://www.facebook.com/groups/GameMakersUnion/

Best Regards,
Victor, Zack, Ian and the rest

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